Setup for HanGhoul

You will need two things to play HanGhoul:

  • A Korean font

         You will need a Korean font installed on your computer to view the Korean text in HanGhoul.  Some Windows machines already have a Korean font installed, such as Batang, Dotum, or Gulim.  If you don't have a Korean font, you could download one of these:
    You can see what these fonts look like on this page, but some of the links are dead.

    I have tested the following fonts with HanGhoul:  Arial Unicode MS, Baekmuk Dotum, Baekmuk Gulim, Batang, Bitstream CyberCJK, Bitstream Cyberbit, Dotum, DotumChe, Gulim, GulimChe, UnBatang, and UnDotum.  Other Korean fonts will work, but the Korean characters may not be aligned properly in the boxes above the enemies.

    You may need to configure your browser to be able to view Korean characters:  see this site for instructions.  I recommend using a Mozilla browser.

  • Java

         HanGhoul is a Java applet, so you will need to have Java installed on your system and enabled in your browser in order to run it.  You can use this link to find out whether you have Java (and download it if you don't):
    Java versions 6 or 7 are recommended, although older versions should work too.

    • Be careful NOT to install the toolbar when installing Java! Clear the checkbox when you see the screen recommending that you install "the FREE Browser Add-on from Ask".
    • You may want to go the the "Update" tab of your Java settings (in Control Panel in Windows) and disable the automatic checking for updates.  This will stop a process from loading with every startup of Windows and taking up system resources.
    • You might like to disable Java Quick Starter as well.

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